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Why Kiqplan

Our History and Credibility

SMG is one of the world’s leading SaaS health technology companies.

Backed by over a decade of experience with solution offerings for elite sport and human performance, SMG’s heritage originates from a clinical case, cost management and insurance claims software solution, RugbyMed. The technology supports the internal management of injury data, rehabilitation and insurance reporting, clinical case and cost management for all teams.

Since 2010 significant investment was made to develop the world leading platforms; SportsMed Elite and Baseline. These products addressed the advanced athlete management demands of elite, sub elite sports teams, clubs and schools. Following successful growth these products were acquired in 2017 allowing SMG to focus on delivering artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and wellbeing solutions to enterprises across the globe.

A recent addition to the suite of solutions is Kiqplan. Kiqplans is a corporate and employee health and wellbeing solution. Our expanded footprint offers more end to end solutions and consultancy offerings by an expert global team.

Today, SMG works with public and private sector organisations across the globe to deliver technology solutions unique to their specialised requirements. We address the challenges faced with volumes of data being gathered, what is meaningful and relevant, what insights can be gained and predictions delivered, all based on algorithms in our XELA AI platform.

Specialised products are also developed to support community health related programmes. For example our Headzone product supports the management of concussion based injuries.

Core to our business are organisations and enterprises engaged in:

  • Insurance prevention and intervention programs
  • Corporate employee wellbeing policies and initiatives
  • Community service engagement programs
  • Advanced Business Intelligence and AI modelling
  • Healthcare service delivery
  • Public sector programs for patient journeys
  • Cohort profiling and community duty of care
  • E Commerce growth

Wellbeing Consultancy

Developing a culture of wellbeing delivers many organisational benefits, including reduced absenteeism, reduced staff turnover, increased productivity, increased employee engagement and team morale.

Wellbeing initiatives, like any strategic change initiative, must be a system-wide approach embedded in the organisation’s culture. Introducing one initiative, such as free gym membership, will not create a culture of wellbeing. Our team of multi-discipline consultants have expertise spanning organisational development, change management and sports science.

Our team can support you in:

  • Identifying your organisation’s current culture;
  • Developing benchmarks to gauge success of wellbeing programs;
  • Developing goals for individuals and teams with regards to their wellbeing;
  • Developing wellbeing programs tailored to your desired outcomes;
  • Implementing wellbeing programs using a system-wide approach;
  • Measuring success of your wellbeing programs.

We do not deliver a “one-size-fits-all” service. Our consultants understand business and will tailor your program to your needs. We consider your organisation’s mission, values, strategy and individual team requirements. This leads to developing a positive culture of wellbeing that will provide sustainable outcomes.

The Technology

Consistent within any organisation is the volume of data collected from multiple sources and the visibility of gaining insights that return relevant “value”. Ongoing and increasing challenges include:

  • Disparate data sets
  • Ensuring accuracy of data
  • Stakeholder collaboration
  • Lack of real-time feedback and results
  • No predictive value from data
  • Limited flexibility with current platforms

The critical role that SMG plays is in the delivery of providing organisations with essential, purposeful and relevant insights to drive outcomes. We do this with an analytical engine called XELA.


Our technology platforms allow the API integration with hundreds of devices, apps and products as required by our customers for efficiency and collaboration across an organisation.


With a global team of experts in consultancy, clinical and health fields, Science, Analytics, Engineering and Corporate.

Market Focused

Our products each have defined relevant roadmaps with feature releases on a regular basis, developed annually with feedback from our clients.

One Source of Truth

Our platform aggregates data seamlessly from multiple sources to ensure one source of the truth. We offer machine learning and deep learning capabilities.


We work with objective data, both our own and our clients, and further extend this with our panel of subject matter experts as required.

Minimal Disruption

Our platform supports minimal technical disruption for our clients.

Customised for Scale

Our solutions allow for services and additional capabilities to be developed as business requirements of our customers expand.

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